Sunday, February 20, 2011

Studs only, rain, and lots of ice.

Worked 15 hours yesterday, wasn't planning on that, but as part of the project we had to reroute some power lines, thus killing power to a couple of large buildings. It did not go as planned and we could not leave until power was restored. OK but that is enough shop talk
But anyways it was to supposed to be an icy rain all day today and after working all those hours I said I wasn't going to work today. So the irony here, ok, hypocrisy is now I could plan on bicycling in this icy rain.

Rode out from home, through some back trails that had not been ridden since last November I suspect. The snow got deeper in the woods and ended up pushing my bike for a mile and an half. As much as I love riding the bike, the inverse is how I feel about pushing a bike. It just isn't right.

This kind of biking is for studs only. Geeesh no, not me, my tires.

My 'water proof jacket,' and 'water proof pants' had given up trying to do their job and the icy rain was winning out.  I was soaked to the bone. Seems nothing can keep out the rain if you are there long enough.

I saw no one out here cept for one runner and her dog, running on the ice. The rain was pouring now, and as I passed I said, "Beautiful day, eh?" and it was.
Seems sometimes no matter how much a fellow might love riding a bike there is sometimes in a ride that all you want to do is get off the bike and get home. My hands were numb from being soaked and semi froze.

I did not want to push my bike again like I did on the way out, so that left me with riding the edge of a highway with no shoulder. I had a blinkie on back and hoped everyone would see it, and put the pedal to the medal to get off this road. I had a 4 hour ride, and looking forward to doing er again.

So back to work again tomorrow, but it pays the bills.


tainterturtles said...

Is it dedication or addiction...I can't remember? Good ride anyway, even though you had to push/walk the bike.

It's snowing buckets here!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Glad you got out, but I agree, that looks pretty miserable.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Are you missing half your mustache? Shaving in the shower again?

MrDaveyGie said...

Dawn!!!!! It's the new "Adolf LQQK" Geeesh!!! Do you live in a cave or what?

Bill G said...

Dave you are an animal!!!!

Glad you made it back home out of the rain!