Sunday, February 6, 2011

Would you like some 'whine' with that cheese???

After Hee-Haw'n around for most the morning, and part of the afternoon. Whining about how sore various body parts were from popping off my bike yesterday and landing in the snow. I finally loaded the FatSo on my bike rack and headed out of town.
There is a lot of snow on the trails, temps were in the low 30s, and we just got 3 more inches of snow. Hence, I wasn't going much where on the bike. The snow was deep and my tires were sinking in. I stopped and bled the tire pressure down to 5 psi. Traveling about 3 mph, tires spinning, continuously sliding out and off the bike.  My cleats were completely packed with ice and I could not clip into my pedals. Riding with my feet trying to stay on the pedals. If anybody has experienced what it feels like to have your foot slip off the pedal, and the other foot back spin the pedals so the opposite foot gets whacked by the pedal in the shin, you know my pain. Makes a grown person cry. That happened twice in the same spot.



After .85 miles, that is POINT 85 miles, I came to the 'I Quit'  position and turned around to go home. BLAHHH!!!! I couldn't get started, I tried to get a start by paddling with one foot to get enough speed to start pedaling, I would finally get going, and spin out shortly afterwards. So out of desperation I let more air out of my tires, I was either going to get this bike to pedal, or have flat tires. I measured later, but I let the air out of my tires until there was less then 3 PSI. Amazing. I could now ride. 4 mph mind you, with sidewalls bulging. But I could stay on the bike. The air psi was so low when I crossed an intersection and was on blacktop the tires would roll off the rims and the front tire would try to turn. It was hard work, but I could stay on the bike and keep pedaling. I rode back to my car, and wondered why am I quitting? I said to myself, "NO YOUR NOT!!"


So back out I went, one crash, 3 hours, and 14 miles latter I could say I had a good ride.
The weather people are talking below zero Fahrenheit temps in the middle of this week. That will freeze this soft snow, hard. That will make a much improved riding surface.  I will try to get mileage in versus hours

My HAPPY ENDING, watching the Super Bowl with my favorite team bear on my shoulders, drinking a cold one. OK here's a quiz. What "word" is my beer can blocking on my sweat shirt?

Ok now back to the game,


PaddyAnne said...

just guessing ... Life??

MrDaveyGie said...

Nope, :-)

tainterturtles said...

"Beer" is good?

MrDaveyGie said...

Nope, :-)

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Now that's working out.

Gie is good

MrDaveyGie said...

No Sir. :-)

Craig said...

I'll go with "Bike is good".

Lori said...

I'll go with Bike is Good as well.

MrDaveyGie said...

YES!! You won Craig and Lori, please see next post.

Bill G said...

Dave I feel you brother. The snow was so soft yesterday it was almost not fun :)

Then I told myself that if I was on the Bianchi I would have not made 1 mile much less 14 so it was all good!

Legs hurt but they say that is a good thing!

Steph said...

Owwwww. Pedal whacks are the worst!

MrDaveyGie said...

zactly so Bill, there would be zero distance traveled with any other type bike. My legs are whipped too, but yes that is a good thing. A very hard freeze is coming today and tomorrow I'm thinking I'll be able to ride on top of the snow then. Yahoo.