Friday, February 11, 2011

Pimping my ride.

Working on my ride this evening. Put Surly handlebars on, required longer brake cables and housings. Modified my Ergon grips, changed Bar Mitts and tuned. Ready to Rock.
Looking so forward to riding into ZONKville tomorrow. My ACE mechanic Tiny-T did most the work on the bike modifications.

I am not sure I know how to dress for tomorrow. I know what to exactly wear for 15 degrees and colder, it has been the norm for some time. But the now warmer temps 30-40F, will be quite a bit different.  I want to ride 'light' tomorrow. Temps will be in the mid 30s.

Went into work this morning and Joleen one of the operators said to me, that she saw a picture of a bicycler riding on Heritage Trail on the Telegraph Herald News Paper online edition. So being I have been riding on this Trail whole bunches and haven't seen another bicycler since the Triple D race last Jan 16th I was really curious to who this be.
So Joleen shows me this picture online. Photograph taken by Dave Updegraff.

So I say, "Hey that's me!!!" I recalled a fellow on last Wednesday's ride, driving his car to a trail crossing jumping out of his car, setting his camera quickly and taking a picture of me. It was like zero degrees out and I was really pushing the pace here, and didn't want to stop, just wanted to get home. I thought he said something to me as I passed by. About 250 yards later, I thought that was rude of me, not saying anything, I looked back and his car was gone.
So I did a little Internet research on his name at the bottom left hand corner of his photograph of me. I discovered his blog, with this mention of that moment.

He had this comment on his blog regarding this.
"I was off on a personal day yesterday as I had my annual physical and some lab work. When I finally finished up it was about 1:30 pm and even though the sunlight was harsh and it was colder than a Witch’s brew I decided to drive around the country side for a while and try to find some wild life or a great Winter scene.

What I found instead was this guy (well I think it was a guy) riding a mountain bike on Heritage Trail in full Winter survival gear. I can’t imagine how hard he had to work to get through the packed snow still on the trail. I was thinking black and white all the way with the images I took. When he/she went by me they gave a little wave of the hand but I could tell they were struggling to keep it upright".

So I commented on Dave's blog that it was me you took this picture of. He wrote me  back, neat genuine guy. As the world  turns.

Good Grief!!!!!. Do I Look like a girl or guy? That is funny. Because I might be just the average ugly guy, but it would be totally butt ugly scary if a girl looked anything like me.

I don't know what the deal is. But my muscles are so stiff lately. Legs some, but my shoulders are really sore. Feels like tendentious. Is the reason I changed my handle bars I want to see if this helps. I've been riding hard this winter, and I ain't getting any younger, so perhaps I am just riding beyond what I can recover from.

Time for bed, I stayed up later then I should again. I want all the energy I can gather for riding on the thawing, slushing trails tomorrow.


mrbill said...

Did he really have to say, "struggling to keep it upright", doesn't sound real macho. Have a good weekend Dave and keep the rubber on the snow, by the way, I'm sending some warm weather.

Bill G said...

I was hoping someone else was hurting in the shoulders also. I was beginning to think it was something strange!

Today it took me 2+ hours to go 7 miles - yes that equals 3.5mph avg speed. We were supposed to get a dusting which turned into 4+ inches and you know as well as anyone that equals walk time no matter what.

Then for fun I went post holing in the back woods for 30 minutes to make sure my legs hurt!

Have a great weekend Super Famous Dave

Craig said...

You're starting to get Bigfoot famous out there. Before long people will be camping out on the heritage trail waiting to take a blurry photo of the elusive winter biker. They'll be selling discarded Gu wrappers and plaster molds of your tire prints on eBay...

MrDaveyGie said...

Dear MrBill. I can't describe how my manhold drained from me after reading that. I am going to have to plan something epic, some 24 hour something to try to get my mojo back.
Dear Bill of NY. I tried my Surly handle bars today for the first time on my FatBack. I think they are going to have my top vote for comfort.
Craig. OMG LMAO. I read that to Birgit, was are both still laughing. But ummm, I think it is probably true. :-)

Dan O said...

Your fame continues to grow. I see a full feature move in the near future....

Anonymous said...

I see TinyT makes sure the beer is close at hand!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

You ain't no girl like I've ever seen before.

Good Pic

Steph said...

so cool about finding your paparazzi guy!