Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday's all right

Loaded up the FatBack on the bike rack and car drove to the trail head. I like it much better when I can just ride my bike through town, out the back trails and where ever I want to go with out relying on CarPower. But for now with all the snow there is no room on most the streets for me and passing cars. The cars are bigger then me, so for now I will use motorized travel to bicycle. Seems not right, but the thaw is coming.

I installed my new Surly Handle Bars for the ride today. I had to install longer rear brake cables and housing. Fixie Dave recommended them to me. He is right. Well he knows what he is talking about, he is riding the Tour Divide race this year 2750 miles across the Rockie Mountain tops unsupported on a fixed gear bike. Go Dave Go. This bar offers the best options for comfort, control and pedal power. They have a bit of flex inherent to them
which provides some stress relief. My Bar Mitts and Ergon hand grips work well with them also. Also I had good hand position in and out of the saddle.

I saw something today I haven't seen in some time, and that was somebody elses bicycle tracks besides mine. Yahooo, another rider out here. So I began the watch, and then I saw him, it was Troy, he was piloting a Mountain Bike, making pretty good time too. 7-8 mph is a good speed for snow covered trails. Troy's blog is funny, he has wit. His tales of training and competing in Triple D are a good read.  

I rode 6 hours, was out there for 7, spent an hour talking to all the weekend traffickers
Skiers, runners, snow mobiliers and Troy. Bike rode good today,  rode hard and was Zonked when I finished. Hope I have some zippity zap left for tomorrow
 Taking a break, with my friend Stanley who provided the hot coffee.

Also one of my favorites. Pop-Tart.

Gears as you can see here were icing up and skipping. 

The Snow is deep and packed. See my bike is sitting on top of the this bench. There will be a lot of mud, slop, and slush, I can hardly wait for those rides. Perhaps I will revert back to being a roadie during such times.

Here I am, finished, end of the journey. Was a good day on the bike.

A big arse eagle swooped right in front of me, it's size just amazed me. I landed in a near by tree, I tried sneaking up in snow past my knees to get a good pic. It soon flew away, this picture doesn't show how big it really was, it was magnificent.

Well, I haven't even hosed my bike down, dry and lubed yet. I gotta get going it's almost 10:00 all ready.
You take care.


MostlyFurious said...

Hey Dave, good to see you out there; and thanks for the compliment. 6 hours of riding! You probably covered more miles than some of the snowmobiles!

tainterturtles said...

Wow, six hours of playing in the snow....very nice. Great photos too! Hope you have a good ride today.

mrbill said...

Looks like good times Dave, even with the snow, impressive.

Dan O said...

You put in some serious winter riding hours. Man, nice job.

I see bald eagles occasionally on rides also. My bike commute follows the shoreline of Lake Washington, eagles nearby. Sometimes I can't see 'em, but can hear 'em - very distinctive call.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Massive hours. Very impressive!
Those Pop Tarts look good.
I haven't had HoHos for a long time. May be a time to change that.