Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just an "Out and Back"

Was going to ride out on pavement today, wanted a change from riding snow mobile trails since December.  But 2nd thought after LQQKing at the roads saw there was not much room with all the snow still choking off the that narrow survival path between parked cars and moving cars. This town's motor travelers often do not like it when we bicyclers impede their travel to any degree.

I was still feeling yesterday's grind in the legs. So I thought I would keep it easy, 12 miles out 12 miles back on snow covered trails with the 'FatBike'
Two light layers of wool, covered by a bike jersey, with long legs was all that was needed to stay 98.6. Was  nice not to dress as the Eskimos dress as has been typical this winter.
My tires were starting to spin out on the 12 miles out as temps went into the 40s and my tires started to sink. The pedal got harder as my legs complained.
The 12 miles back I was sliding all over, fish tailing, zig zagging back and forth trying to find a good line as the ride got sloppy.
There is an art to riding in snow ruts. I am still working on it. It is the tactic of "soft steering" You have to let your front tire find it's own route while you keep pedaling. Trying to steer out of it or trying to steer into often flops ya. You sorta feel like a bobsled in the track bobbling back and forth. Most my couple dozen or more fly off the bikes this winter were caused when my front tire would kick out against a hard frozen side in a rut.

Finally I have my FatBack snow bike dialed in right.
The Surly handle bars  give me good power transfer both sitting or standing with comfort. I'll be putting her away soon. It's time for a different ride. I want to break her out early next winter season. Be better prepared for a few runs with those that race these things.

Matt (Lonesome Luddite) and Lisa (Lisa outside the box) have both posted on their blogs their epic journey with ArrowHead 135 they had this year. The first time I met these two amazing humble ultra endurance athletes they were  on Heritage Trail. Matt was competing and so was I, and another time Lisa was out training actually playing would be a better word to use here, and so was I.

Well, another weekend has come and gone. Seems it was again centered on pedaling a bicycle only to end up back at the same place I started. What can I say?



tainterturtles said...

Another good day for you Dave. The weekends just move by too fast.

Dan O said...

Is it Monday already?...

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

That's amazing. All my rides start and end at the same place too. Go figure.