Friday, February 25, 2011

All work and no ride makes Dave a ____________.

Oh HI!!!, my name is Dave and I have this blog thing going, and ride a bike.

Been working a bunch this week, and overhauling, repairing and pimping my rides in the evenings.

After a short review of my XC Trek XO2 I determined I plumb wore her out last year. Thousands of mile of grit, gravel and grind had taken it's toll.
Replacing the chain, cassette, free hub, ring gear, wraps, cables, rear derailleur, brake hoods, and cable housings. My chain was over a link longer then a new one, gears on my ring gear were like shark teeth, and razor sharp. It works well to have a LBS, (local bike shop) great advice, loaned tools and even a house visit offers. Next is my road bike, going to need close to the same level of attention.

I wish it was this easy to replace my old wore out drive train. 

 Changed Stem on my Hard Tail to this adjustable one, allows me to raise the handlebars to take the strain off of shoulders and allow a more up right seat position for snow riding control .

I got a call tonight from a News Reporter he wanted my commentary on one of my friends  and his up and coming very big race. I won't mention any names until the article comes out but all I can say  is GO LANCE A. GO. IDITATROD Tomorrow 350 miles of snow cycling in Alaska.

Oh and my only claim, to fame, doing a training run with Lance late fall and he asked me several times to slow down 
I'm just saying........

I tried to keep this a secret but I can not hold it in any longer. Sorry Lance, but after you place high in Iditarod you'll forget that awful day.

So with no further ado, she's ready and so am I, for a weekend of
riding, I hope the Hard Tail with studs is the right choice of ride for the trails, I'm thinkin with the colder temps I won't need the FatTire and will be able to ride on top of the frozen trails.

Drinking a beer(s) sleep soon and anxious to ride when the sun comes up.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's gonna be a cold one up here, but, like you, I'll be out in it.

Joboo said...

Oh, I so hear you about work!!
I haven't gone for a proper pedal in WAAAAAY too long. Tomorrow will be the day!!
Unless my 4 yr. old Super J is up before me!!
I can hear her now, "Daddy, I want bacon!!"
When I push off at 6:30, I'll give a wave south, and say have a good, safe ride Dave!! ;)
I already had my beer's!! ;)


Joboo said...
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tainterturtles said...

Oh Dave, it will feel so good to get out and ride. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder how many scars you have from your obsession.

Dan O said...

Good luck on the bike maintenance.

Both my road bikes are in need of complete drive train replacement: Chain rings, cassette and chain. $$$ Ouch.

Trevor Woodford said...

Always good to get out on the bike after you have replaced drive components - all seems so smooooth! Enjoy.

mrbill said...

It must be nice to have a good LBS, good work on the bikes, have fun Dave, after some time off the bike it should be a ball.

dawn marie giegerich said...

A celebrity AND a consultant. Where will it end?