Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter riding

about 6 hours and then some
about 40 miles and then some
about whooped and then some

Browned some Pig and Cow and Crocked Pot'd em before leaving. Was beyond beautiful out in the country today. Rode 40 some miles and saw only three humans. Temp was zero at start time, with a 5-10 mile wind.

                                Eyesicles were forming.

Meet Stanley my new riding partner. For some reason I thought hot coffee with cream and sugar would taste good with wind chills below minus 10F. For some reason I was right. Trails rode ok, with a head wind rode 7 mph, turned around and 10 mph with a tail wind. Snow was froze, with soft spots from snow mobile grindings. Never slid off the seat once. That's a bit a-typical for a day of snow riding.
Millions and millions of Tons and tons of snow out there. The Fat Bike knows I will ditch her with a thaw. Trade her in for XC bike and a Roadie bike. Only to come running back with the first snow storm next December. Fickle.

I returned back to my car in about 6 hours, and saw a biker friend's car there who is a endurance XC skier in winter months. I was zonked but thought I would go see if I could find him. I followed a skiers trail for about 3 miles, and gave up and turned around, the sun was going down, I had no head lights, and a rear blinkie that needed batteries, and I was tired. No lights on a snow mobile trail is dangerous, when I've seen them go by me at 60 mph. However there was not a snow mobile seen today. 

Now to share my big secret, I snapped a picture of this Alien wandering around my deck this morning before I left. I knew they would be trying to contact me.

That's about it, I've rambled on long enough,
For some reason tonight I feel like an old guy who spent most the daylight hours outdoors in zero temps riding a bike in snow. ZONKED.


Steph said...

you rock. glad ya didn't freeze to death. Brrrr!!

tainterturtles said...

I have a feeling you are fast asleep right now. Good ride my friend...just amazing!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

You're an animal! Good job!

Craig said...

I suppose I should ditch the stationary and ride outside at lunch tomorrow. Can't let you have all the fun.

Travel Gravel said...

Ah yes, the sweet reward of hot coffee in a cold environment. It just seems to reward a person in such a basic way. I can't believe how long it took me to realize the concept. Too simple to be obvious I guess. One tip I picked up is this; while you're brewing the coffee, pour hot water into the Stanley to condition the liner (pre heating it.) Switch liquids when the coffee is done. Then,the heat of your coffee won't be wasted on warming up the Stanley. Am I a total newby or what?

Bill G said...

Awesome - your legs had to have been feeling that ride but maybe the aliens gave you special alien"ade" that avoids the LA burn?