Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank'n the family for a wonderful year.

The whole fam damily here, Mark, Albert, Me, Amy, dad, mom, and Dawn. Me and my honey she puts up with my compulsive eccentric continuous bike riding.

Daughter Melissa, and the little potato bug, my grandson Cole

My son Joshua David

Here's Caleb, my youngest.

Brook, a great son in law, and yes that is the little potato bug Cole again. He gets double exposure due to his super duper qualities. :-)

Super Dog, Pitty, wearing her bling, and going out on the town look.

Geeesh what is she doing in here, that's Rascal, my doggie gone to doggie heaven. R.I.P.

To everyone, have a good year, the choices we make, have a big effect on the place we find ourself. Be close to those that you share your life with. Oh and get out and ride your bikes. :-)


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Amen, Brother.

Dan O said...

Looks like a great family - nice pictures.

Happy 2010 to you - keep riding.....

tainterturtles said...

Great photos...thanks for sharing your family.

Anonymous said...

I love you Dave, just stay the way you are, Birgit