Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just riding around

After riding about 200 miles on gravel travel, this Thanksgiving weekend I didn't ride Monday and Tuesday. Lifted weights instead, must be hyper or something. So I took the day off today. I had 6 weeks off this year, and still have two weeks left. I've worked the last 33 years for Alliant Energy or Interstate Power Co. So with the day off, I went out and rode another dirt century. #52 for the year. We breezy and brisk but I enjoyed that. I enjoy the four seasons, and the different style of riding each one brings.
The DNR was out starting these grass fires along the road sides. I am curious as to the reason why??

There were surveyors out not sure what they were doing either. But I am going to go crash now. Happy rides


Steph said...

I always want to just go ride my bike all day, ater reading your blog :)

MrDaveyGie said...

Well good, :-) my blog is doing its job then. Don't worry about bicycling addiction, you can join BIKEcoholics Anonymous. However we don't have a 12-step program, we utilize a one step program, you take one step over the bike tube and ride. Happy rides.