Thursday, December 24, 2009

Somebody Helppppppppppp Moi!!!!

Was setting up to rain ride, and now find myself stuck on the couch watching Wayne's World eating an egg sandwich. It is nasty out there raining hard, and then freezing. I need to get swimming back as an alternative or additional work out. I don't think it should be called "work out" though. It is not work, it is fun. I think that is the difference between people that try every year to start a "work out" program, and have to push themselves through it, and then say pheww glad I got that in. Eventually they quit. Stop. Go back to sedentary lifestyles. The other group, just enjoys pushing themselves, setting goals, having fun while doing. This group is the minority. I am in this group, all my life, I had to do something, run, bike, swim, powerlift, etc. Most people who read this blog, are in this group, birds of a feather flock together.
I used to swim a mile almost everyday before work, at the YMCA, back in 99, 00, but then becoming a single parent, and getting kids to get up when they would shut the alarm clock off and get to school became the priority before work. So swimming took a back seat, but now I think I need to find my swimming trunks and jump in. So here I sit contradicting what I said up above. LoL. Ok time to move forward. Oh and guess what? Only two more days until Christmas is over. Bah Humbug!!!!
Ride safe, ride for fun, ride often.

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Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

All snow up here, so far. I was lucky, and go out on the bike. Some of the trails here in the city were plowed, otherwise my ass would have been stuck to the couch too.