Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Best laid plans of mice and men and dave

Well my plans were to ride my 54th Century on dirt and gravel for the year today. That would have completed my goal for 2009 centuries.
Then my plan was to switch to trail exploring, hill climbing and not counting miles for the rest of the year. No hard goals just fun riding. But my plans were changed. I got this text message at 1:06 a.m. last night. "my car (actually it's my car, my insurance, title in my name) died in holy cross, (town 30 minutes away) pretty sure the altinator is shot we jumped it twice ran for 2 mins theres an auto shop next door" This was from my son Caleb, my youngest at 21. Here is Caleb in these two pictures. Don't tell him I put his "PimP DaddY picture on here. So I went for an 36 mile trail ride early, rode fast, was cold 20 some degrees, came home early so I would have time to check Caleb's problem out. Well I drove to Holy Cross, I determined the battery was shot would not hold a charge, we got car started and it stayed running so we returned back to town me following him, and hoping his car would not stall again on the highway.

Two work horse machines, my Trek XO2 and a skid loader.

Yesterday I walked across these plank carrying bike to get across this bridge in progress. Today plank were frost covered. I decided to make this my turn around point and not attempt. I got to thinking if I slip off of these, and bonk my head, they wouldn't find me until tomorrow. I'll look like that critter I saw yesterday laying on the trail.

So I guess this all means I have bang out a century yet on the dirt. Yehaaa, well fun stuff for me.
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