Monday, December 28, 2009

Lights and other stuff.


I ordered a medium level lighting system for my bicycle. Because the shorter days was starting to collide with my want to ride. So if I get stuck out on the trail, with the sun going down, I can see myself home with bike lighting. Keeping warm has always been a challenge with winter riding, feet and hands being the biggest problem. With SIDI winter biking boots, a chemical warmer between two pair of socks, inserts, and a boot liner solved the frozen foot problem. Bar Mitts with a chemical warmer totally covers the hand issue.
So ride I must. I have Wednesday of this week, plans are to see the countryside on a bike.


tainterturtles said...

My hubby (bike man) bought some bar mitts, so I might steal them and try them on my lake rides.

The cold weather has always been my enemy for biking. Since childhood I've suffered from Raynaund's Syndrome so keeping warm is critical for me, otherwise I'm in PAIN.

MrDaveyGie said...

Bar Mitts work really well, no more mittens or lobster gloves for me, don't need em.
Have fun.

Steph said...

nice loot!

Dan O said...

Nice pile of bike goodies. Those bar mitts sound pretty good.

If you're looking for great lights for low dough, check out Magicshine lights. $85 for 900 lumen power. I've been using mine for a bit now - killer deal. I just bought another one for my son to use.

Some pics on my blog:

MrDaveyGie said...

Thanks Dan O that's a lot of lumens for the cost. How long of a charge to get out em? I am headed out tomorrow, on country snow trails I mounted a low level light thinking I might not get back before "lights out" especially with the cloud cover tomorrow. It might keep me seeing where the ruts are.