Thursday, December 17, 2009

Playing in the snow.

This is how my son Joshua, plays in the snow. As for me, no thanks. I've found alternative play things to do in the snow. Which will begin shortly called bicycling. I am now gathering my outdoor gear, selecting what combination of clothing to wear for outdoor bicycling at 18 degrees F out. You learn something new about winter bicycling almost every time you go out and ride. I've added good winter cycling $hoe$ and Bar Mitts this year which made riding easier (warmer), shoes are water proof and high topped add shoe covers to that and toes can survive places I take them. Bar Mitts keep me from trying to ride with mittens, they allow the use of a lighter glove giving needed dexterity. My car is in the shop getting 4 snow tires installed. So I'll bicycle out of town to the trails. Have good rides, later.

Oh and here is some of the consequences of riding those waxed boards on icy rails.