Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow.

Fresh virgin trails, I get first tracks.
Rear view tracks.
Snow coming down, sun going down.

Experimenting with keeping toes warm. I cut off a old pair of shoe covers to give the toes more cover. I can dress warm down to zero Fahrenheit, cept for the toes. I think these toe covers will help.

"There's a darkness on the edge of town" Black out by the time I got home. Snow was perfect for traction, soft and no ice. I had Nokian 2.3 studs on the back and a big fat knobby 2.5 on front.
This wasn't a scheduled ride but I got a short notice call from Human Resources from my company asking me to speak to the 8th grade students at a job fair today. So I did. That was over at 12:30 so I took the rest of the day off, got my bike ready, and headed out in an approaching snow storm. They say 12 to 16 inches are coming yet. So I need the snow mobilers to get out there and pack down the tracks. Otherwise the snow will be too deep for bicycling. That is the symbiotic relationship with the snow machines we bikers have with em. They pack down the snow for us and we are for the most part the driving voice to create these rail to trails and such. I'm going to look into a good lighting system, tonight would have been a wonderful night to ride away,,,
Be safe, enjoy the moment.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I ride the Nokians on my winter bike too. They weigh a lot, but are worth it.

MrDaveyGie said...

I'm thinking we are suffereing from the same addictions. :-) Now the snow, ice, and frigid temps makes us go to the extremes. But yes those NOkians can take me across ice and could not walk across.