Saturday, December 19, 2009


Spent the day riding country style. Most of my route was hard hard packed snow from snow mobiles. Was able to ride well with the 2.5 Big Earls, didn't need the studs. Saw lots of hunters wearing blaze orange, shot gun season was open for the deer hunters. Was glad a random shot gun slug didn't find it's way into my body. That had the potential to ruin a good bike ride.
Snow and ice on gravel rides better then snow and ice on pavement. With the gravel rocks and sand mixed with the ice help the tires hook up with the road.
This is the one unfinished bridge, both ends need fill. You can't get across. I made the decision the creek is not frozen enough to cross. So I doubled back and took a bypass route. I went into a creek last January, when my foot broke through the ice. Talk about a cold rush. I got the chills now, I started out and rode hard, perspired, and then chilled. I need better breathable base layers for upper body. Having a hot Tom and Jerry, with rum to chase the chills back outside where they belong. Triple D will run along this route Jan 9Th. Lance runs a very well bike, run, or ski race. Click the link and sign up if you are in the area, and are like many of us, like to torture yourself.

Look out for the man in the mirror.

So was a most enjoyable day. My triceps and shoulders got stiff. I have been riding drop bars for the last 9 months. Either my Trek cross bike or my trek road bike. Now with all the snow I am riding a Trek Hardbutt with straight bars. Upper body is not used to this yet. I rode for 5 hours, I didn't track milage, I purposely don't unless I am riding a century makes riding more fun for me. I have one more dirt century to do for the year to meet my goal of 54 centuries. The "cup of dirt" started me on that trip. Maybe tomorrow. However my body tells me that riding in snow is about 3 times harder then riding on pavement.
Well thanks for stopping, leave a comment, ride a bike.


tainterturtles said...

Wow, five hours of snow riding...amazing. My longest ride has been 11 hours, but that was during the warm months while biking to Southern WI. Somehow I think five hours of snow riding is much more physical. Be sure to treat yourself tonight.

Bike man and I went down to the lake this afternoon and looked at the snow depth on the lake...about two inches, and nine inches of lake ice. If I'm feeling up to it tomorrow, I might take my bike down to the lake and try out my new studs.

Dan O said...

You're doing some awesome rides in the snow - very cool.....or ah, cold?

I'm enjoying the pics of your area - very different from my Seattle area.

Ride on !!