Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainy Snow

It's raining with snow. Somebody wants to go for a ride. No is not an option. She's spoiled. Hmm maybe Bill's comment is correct. "Quick Dave, get some consuling, riding in that snow, please get a good therapist." :-))


Dan O said...

Killer tires. I want a set....

MrDaveyGie said...


Yes, they are an incredible tires for ice. Nokian, with 336 carbide studs per tires. I can pedal across ice that I can't walk across. A bit $pendy at $110. But they get me outdoors, and on a bike.
Thanks for stopping and good rides to you.

Dan O said...

I wouldn't use 'em enough here in the Seattle area to justify the cost.

However, if I consider the possible bicycle related "Road Warrior" Halloween get up - and the fact that any small mammals caught under those wheels, could possibly help feed the family - maybe I could swing a pair into the budget.