Sunday, December 13, 2009

On a one horse open sleigh

A frozen baby waterfall.

This tree started to fall, and then forgot to finish the job.

Snow offered good traction with the temps being above freezing. Snow mobile paths make pedaling faster. My front tire caught a rut and my front wheel twisted on me and over the handle bars I flew, it was fun.

I decided NOT to cross this plank (top picture) to get to the other side of this unfinished bridge. I hope they complete the two bridges this year. I set a goal awhile back to do 54 nonpavement centuries for the year 2009. I have done 53 on the dirt so far this year. Now with all this snow the energy effort has more then doubled to bike travel.
Riding with fat studded tires through snow sometimes down to 4 mph when the snow gets deep, is kicking my butt. So will see about #54.


Dan O said...

Cool shots. Reminds me of winter riding back in my home state of New Jersey.

Here in the Seattle area, it's considered general mayhem if any snow is visible on the ground.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Oh, and thanks for the trail reports. Lord knows what it'll be like on Race Day, but it's nice to at least have some idea...