Monday, December 21, 2009

Bikes and other things.

Sometimes people will ask me, do you ever write about anything else besides,,,,,,,,,,,,, BIKES?!?!?!?!? Or they tell me I am nuts, riding in snow, or crazy for all the time spent biking. What they don't know is,
Biking is joyful for my spirit, soul and body. I enjoy the challenges, setting goals and going after them. The time spent out in the country, the sights, the workout, it is a good "think" time. Music time. The endorphins, the relaxed feeling of afterwards. I enjoy how good a beer and pizza taste after riding a century on country roads.
I remember once reading a interview of a ex marine, who rode everywhere he went, and as often as he could. He was asked how he could ride 20,000 miles a year. His answer was, "so I can have lungs as big as air mattresses, a brain the size of a BB, and buns as hard as a brick. What he was saying was what Louis Armstrong said when asked how he could play that horn all day, and said "if you don't know I can't tell you"
A bunch more snow is coming to Iowa, that is OK, I enjoy all four seasons in Iowa, and adapting my "ride" to each.
So happy rides to all,


tainterturtles said...

I need to look at the weather forecast, but I know some of us here in the midwest are going to get socked...again.

I'm glad you like all the snow. I'm thinking lots of snow will not be good for my lake riding, mainly because that puts a lot of pressure on the lake ice and the water tends to come over the ice and creates WET snow.

Might have to consider the country roads for awhile!

MrDaveyGie said...

Yeap, I'm thinking gravel roads, with the fat studs. I got a four day week end coming up. Trail gets too deep with the all the snow, and all the snow coming. Cars going to fast is my only concern.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Yeah, people usually give me that condescending smile, when I try to explain why I ride. You don't get it unless you do it.

Cully_J said...

Bicycling can be a good thing to do for physical AND MENTAL rehabilitation.

The name of your blog says it all!