Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Australian Secret Weapon.

An Australian has never been the overall winner of the Tour De France. This year they are going to launch a secret weapon with tremendous leg strength. As for me and the Tour, I will sit on the my couch, drink beer and cheer Lance on.

Did my usual after work thing, bike spin on indoor rollers using a heart rate monitor so I wouldn't dog it and kept a push on the pace. Lifted weights and ate and ate some more. Indoor biking I can endure so long, it is the outdoor rides that keeps me going. Last year after not getting out all winter I said to myself that I would get something I can ride in the winter. So I invested about 2500 bucks in a Trek XO2 with accessories, great bike for the dirt trails. Then when the ice came I purchased 90 dollars apiece studded Nokkian tires. Great for the ice but when the deeper snow came it was a no go. So not wanting to break the bank, I bought a used Schwinn Rocket full suspension mountain bike, bought used Nokkian 2.1 Studded snow tires so now I can ride on ice and snow. For those of us that do this, push ourselves physically, setting goals, accomplishing them, we so enjoy doing so. It is not primarily about maintaining a physical fitness level, it is how we feel good. George Sheehan once said, "its the discipline that I demand on myself. So as you can see by my rambling, I'm still enjoying the endorphins.


Lance Andre said...

Lets meet at Heritage pond for our new years day ride this year. We'll do a mix of trail and gravel riding so bring your fat tires. Looks like a good chance of snow. We're going to wait until 2pm so the Hawks game will hopefully be over. See you then, Happy New Year!!

MrDaveyGie said...

Lance, thanks for the invite, but I got to get out earlier due to later commitments. Perhaps I'll run into you guys out there on the way back. Have a good ride.