Saturday, December 20, 2008

Going nowhere fast.

Tried to ride Heritage Trail today could not go anywhere. My 2.1 Knobbies would just spin out. Snow was deep with ice underneath. So headed back home and rode the roller and lifted weights.

Bought a used pair of Nokkian extremes studded snow tires from Lance A. of the Triple D Maybe I can try them out tomorrow. I will put them on the "sow" (Full suspension Schwinn Mountain Bike) to try to get outdoors tomorrow. I can only do so much indoor spinning to keep my legs. I need to get outdoors to get a good buzz.

Here is a pic of all of us at my daughter's wedding.

Hi Melissa :-) she checks up on me here to make sure I haven't cracked yet. She is a wonderful daughter, chemical engineer, married and has a little duckling in the oven. :-)

So to end the day I picked up some Bud and made some chili. Perfect recipe for pulling off some great "Dutch Oven" "A dutch oven is when you fart under the covers and then pull the covers over your mate's head" . YaHoo.

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