Saturday, December 27, 2008

WetWet and some Rain, great ride.

Took 'the big ole' girl out for a ride today, she needed a rest here.

Rode in town for a bit, wanted to make sure my clothing matched the weather conditions before heading out to the trail.

Headed out to Heritage Trail almost turned around the first mile, snow was deep slush, had trouble getting any traction. Soon had better traction, the Nokkian studs bite great on ice.

Returning home, soaked to the bone, had to keep the pace up to keep warm. After being rained on for three hours my waterproof jacket and pants were soaked through. Thoroughly enjoyed todays ride, needed to get out.

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Lance Andre said...

Love the pics of the crud infested bike... i needed studs tonight, slid out about 20 times until i got to the offroad sections... Heritage is in sad shape for the skiers, will need to get a lot of wet snow prior to the race for them.