Friday, December 12, 2008

Stud Power

Started todays ride at 12 degrees F. I always figure in winter riding if you don't start out feeling a little cold your overdressed. Also many layers allow for clothing adjustment along the way. Started out doing about 10 miles on snow covered trail. That wasn't working well with my Nokian 40C studded tires (240 carbide hardened studs per tire) , just not enough rubber to meet the road. I was busting my butt and not making much milage. So I turned to ice packed pavement, street and bike paths. I was just simply amazed at how well these tires work on hard packed ice and snow. Places that were hard to walk because of the ice I could ride over. My camera bounced out of my back bag, I discovered that about 5 miles after it happened, so I backtracked and found it waiting for me. About 40 miles total. I would like to do more 100K dirt but just don't seem to be getting er done. Check out the Cup O Dirt Now for the rest of the evening, chill with my lady, drink some beer, call all my kiddies, Melissa 27, Joshua 21, and Caleb 20, and eat.

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