Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dang!! It's cold out there.

It's so cold out my dog asked permission to use the indoor toilets!!!

Rode on the Rollers, 40 Minutes kept the Heart Beat up, lifted weights. There is only so much indoor pedaling a biker can do. I mean 40 minutes on the rollers and I am watching the clock all the way. I can ride 6 hours on a bike trail and don't want it to end. I hope I can ride outdoors this week. If the trail snow is to deep, maybe I'll ride the streets. It did not get above zero today, and was quite windy.

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Chris Sauer said...

Dave, you need more than a clock to keep your head busy on the rollers! Sounds about as interesting as my stint working a press in my dad's factory (with a clock just in front of me as well).