Sunday, December 14, 2008


I just wonder why. There is 30 miles of bike riding trail that is public owned. There is just this one spot that is blocked apparently by a home owner.

Started the day’s ride at Sageville with my Trek XO2 with the Nokkian studs, worked great on the glare ice. Then came the deeper slush, I couldn’t get anywhere, so I headed back, and decided to ride the back woods trail back to Dubuque, and back on the paved bike trail. So I thought about riding these studded tires on pavement but decided to head back to Sageville thought let’s try this again so I headed West on Heritage.
When I got to the slush I recalled a wise man once said. “Sometimes in winter biking you just have to get off and push and be happy about it, it’s part of the sport.”
So I got out and pushed and after about ½ mile the ice came back and I could ride. Rode about 3 hours today, a couple of times about lost it front tire would slide out on me in the slush. The riding conditions varied greatly from soggy mud and grit, to glare ice, to slush and back to mud again. Got soaked and enjoyed it.

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