Friday, December 26, 2008

Took night off from working out so used the extra time to exersise

Yeap, was going to skip riding rollers tonight trying to get left foot to heal a little better. So being I had some extra time then, I did 30 minute stationary bike. HUH???? However if I had known jumping on the treadmill and running 5 miles a couple of weeks ago was going to F$%^ up my foot like this I wish I had never done so. Might have to see a doc if this doesn't turn around soon. :-(
Not sure if I can ride trail this weekend. I can ride rollers sorta OK with foot, but the extra foot pivoting required to trail ride might not work out.
WOW. Watched Batman The Dark Night, tonight. What a amazing job Heath Ledger did. The character he portrayed captivated you the entire movie.

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