Saturday, December 13, 2008

I couldn't help myself

Last night driving by Bicycle World I noticed the lights on. So I stopped in to talk to Parrish about better traction in the snow. I ended up buying a used Schwinn Rocket. I had no room in my trunk so Parrish dropped it off at the house latter. I went out today on the snow trails with it, it worked ok. Not a bad bike for the price with 2.1 knobbies I can keep moving forward in deeper snow. I am thinking about upgrading the tires to a 2.5, or maybe a 26" Nokian Extreme 294 (see pic)
I biffed, when I tried to climb a slight hill on a snowmobile path and my rear tire started spinning out, I stopped forward motion and instead of getting my shoe out of the clip, I tried to power back up trying to get the front end pointed in a different direction, and boom. Tomorrow I will spend some time with it out on Heritage Trail having fun and getting a good work out.
So now I ride my Trek 1600 on the pavement, my Trek XO2 with Nokian studded tires for ice and hard packed snow, and knobbies for dirt. And this thing (see pic) on the deeper snow trails.
Tonight going to explore the new and improved Diamond Jo with my lady.

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