Thursday, January 1, 2009


Headed out of town on the edge of town.

After enjoying a ride of frozen trail, almost losing it a couple of times when front tire would catch a rut, there is this broken bridge, If I can get bike and me across it will give me about 30 more miles out and back of trail to ride. So I climbed to the bottom without bike to check it out. I stepped on what I thought was a small puddle and my foot broke through and went knee deep into creek water. My foot, sock, shoe, and shoe cover was totally soaked and I was a hour at least from home, at 20 F degrees and windy.

So I pour the water out of my shoe, wring my sock out, find a large sandwich baggie in my bike pack to put my foot in, put sock, shoe and shoe cover on and head home to see if I can keep from a getting a frozen toesicle. NO I said T-O-E sicle

Well made it home with no problem except a good ride cut short.

I've seen this owl in this area a couple of times. I hope Mr Owl died of natural causes and somebody didn't shoot him just to be shooting at something. R.I.P.
I'm thinking about a "snow century" this weekend, coffee cup material if ya know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Bill Stoffel did the exact same thing at the exact same spot at the new years day ride (maybe an hour after you). I always carry an extra pair of socks and extra gloves just for said emergency. Also, a pair of foot and hand warmers make a nice backup.

The red tailed hawk now has a new resting place, services were held...

MrDaveyGie said...

Too funny, actually it would not have been funny if it was like zero out. Was able to stay "unfroze" for ride home. Did you guys get across? It's a shame that bridge wasn't repaired being FEMA supplied the money. After that you can get to Dyersville with a trail and a short gravel road hop. Oh that was a hawk. My city boy is showing. :-)
Happy rides.