Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Here is the "forbidden" zone, 30 miles of bike, ski, and hike trail blocked at this one point. Fortunately this will be given back to the public in the next 18 months
Nice day to get out and ride.
Getting out of town I was the first tracks here from last night's snow.

The "big ole girl" was really tired here and laid right down for a rest.

Notice the three sets of tracks. Mine, and someone else from last night. I ran into a couple that were cross country skiing out here and they said there was some guy named Lance here yesterday on a bicycle with these "HUGE" tires.

Left foot problems slowed me down a little bit. There were frozen ruts that wanted to throw me off the bike several times. Had to keep the front end 'lose' and let the front tire go where it wanted when I hit many of these ruts. My legs are good and toasted, two days of "snow plowing". All and all it was a beautiful day to get out in the country side.
Peace and happy rides. Dave.


Lance Andre said...

All those damn people closet training for Triple D...

MrDaveyGie said...

Indeed, there was also some guy named Armstrong on a bike but he wanted me to keep that a secret until Jan 10th.