Sunday, November 21, 2010

Up and at em.

..................How old guys like me wake up every morning.......................

Like every man my age the first place we head when we wake up is here, oh and ummm typically a middle of the night visit too.

Now as I am headed there I am checking all body parts for nuisance injuries that might interfere with today's ride, first step tells me my planter fasciitis is ok today, my next step says no Achilles tendon problem is around to get me. Then the knees get the ok, back feels fine, and last but not least, that part is working too.

So that made me think all systems are GO for a good bike ride. That is why I was surprised that by the first mile my multiple times injured knee starting sending sharp pains at me from the medial area. Then I remembered something I was doing yesterday that I shouldn't do with a knee like mine. I was attacking hills and not shifting down, I was acting like I was on a single speed, so by the time I would crest the hill I was just about stalled out with maximum strain on the knees. I know of bikers that gave up single speed competition because it was wrecking their knees.
So I kept riding, went the distance, but had to make sure I had no knee wobble with each pedal revolution.

However with 8 miles to go, I dropped all caution cause a fellow pulled up next to me with a modified road bike, light weight, with 35cc tires for the dirt trails. I've seen him before at bicycle races, I knew he was a faster rider then me. I rode with him while we chatted. Then he picked up the pace and it was flat out for me, I hung on as long as I could and told him, I'm over my Max HR, and would drop back, I found it easier to follow his pace from behind then along side him. So I ended up ending my ride with a great work out, and holding his tail.

Saw this nice "starter home" so I thought I would take a picture in case anyone has an interest.

Yeap, I know ya'll don't believe me, but the lil Gnome was out, walking one of his pets again. One of these days, he will let it slip where the money tree is, uh huh, then adios no more work for this guy, ME.

Ok I need three more McDirt rides, thinking to wrap up my goal of 100 by this Saturday.




Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

3 to go!

dawn marie giegerich said...

There will be a bottle of fairly good champagne in your mailbox at trail's end.

Dan O said...

What's a starter house like that go for in Iowa?

Clive Chapman said...

You sound as knackered as me! Plantar Faceitus, achillies tendons, knee ligaments, midnight trips to the loo!

Age is a terrible thing. Ergo, youth is wasted on the young!

Bill G said...

Great job Crazy Dave :)

Happy Thanksgiving

mrbill said...

I'm interested in the house, does the bike come with it?
3 more, you got it licked

Courtney said...

6300 miles of gravel (ouch) and sounds like fun!