Tuesday, November 2, 2010

High on Claritin D


Good ride. Stayed on the pedals, in the 40s, nippy. I don't know if Clariton D peps you up or what, but I followed the advice of Dr. S. Shearer who commented on yesterday's post and recommended Clairiton D for my cold. I stopped at Walgreens and had to show my I.D. to the pharmacist to obtain. I swear it pepped me up, it seemed to make it easier to hold a higher then average heart rate and pedal harder for my 62 mile gravel ride today. Maybe I'm just 'easy'

Oh, and speaking of post commentary, did you see what MrBill from Texas said about me...

"Take care of that cold, remember Old People get Pneumonia quite often."

Now Mrbill is sort of a hero of mine, Vietnam Vet, Bull Rider, and avid Texan bicyclist in some of the hottest of hot weather, among other things. But Geee Whizz Mrbill, someday you'll be old too yanno.

Ok, two more metric gravels on Thursday and Friday, and then off to Mn to visit this young man.


dawn marie giegerich said...

Buzz is good. Zoom, zoom.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Turn your pee into WADA.

tainterturtles said...

Geez your a trooper! Even when you're feeling sick you still bike. You put me to shame.

Dan O said...

I think Claritin D qualifies as doping. Don't let the UCI or the folks at the "Cement Slab Cafe" find out.

One day I will dine at the Cement Slab Cafe. That is my dream.

Bill G said...

x2 on what tainterturtles said :)

Have fun with the youngin this weekend!

mrbill said...

I'm headed to the Store to get me some Claritin D, I'm not sure but I think I feel a cold coming on.

Steph said...

The Claritin D does amp ya up.
Masks ALL your cold symptoms, AND gives ya extra boost.

I always joked about:
"I don't get why people have to crush it up and mix it with battery acid and cleaners... to make drugs!! The pill itself is enough!"

Travel Gravel said...

Aleve. Take 2, they're small.