Saturday, November 20, 2010

Doing my favorite thing.

Was just about out the door this morning, headed for country pedaling on a sunny 30 degree day. Then the door bell rang, there was a FedEx truck out front and a large box on my front porch. Now my Racing team and coaching staff want me to keep this a secret, so I can't say what was in the box, but I'll leave you with this clue, my best wrench is putting together my ultimate snow machine.

Kept a good pace, kept a good heart rate, headed west of town until I had 32 miles in so the return trip would give me a metric dirt century.

Holy smokes, I didn't feel the wind pushing me out on the first half out, but somehow the wind on the return half was like dragging an anchor. I zipped back up every zipper I opened on the way out, to stay warm, stood on the pedals and was working hard to maintain 7 mph. That was brutal, but a good workout is worth it's weight in gold, and endorphins flooding my brain chemistry make a buzz that can't be beat.

Saw only one other bicyclist, and he was riding back into town, when I was riding out of town. He was wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and a Cubs jacket. My guess he was only on a bike because the judge told him hand me over your driver's license.

I was only on a bike because I can.

Marked a couple of sink holes with this red danger tape. I know of one rider that crashed here because she didn't know the sink hole was there.

Came home zonked and after going through a gorging feeding frenzy I fell asleep on the couch with laptop on my lap and TV on.

My butt is on the couch and me legs are up on the coffee table, recovering, they have more work to do tomorrow, like Dirt Metric # 97.

So this is Dave saying Good bye,


Bill G said...

Kudos to you Sir David of Dubuque!!!!

I await the arrival of my Mukluk and a bribe of the wedding bliss of my life to attend a gathering of like minded fools in Mid-January!

97 - that is awesome - pound out the final 3 with gusto and reverence!!!

Dan O said...

Those sinkholes look pretty interesting. Yikes.

mrbill said...

I see by your photo there's no snow yet, if your luck is like mine, since you bought the snow bike it may not snow this year.

tainterturtles said...

Between you and Harry Legge's, I'm just totally amazed at your winter rides. You guys rock!

Hey, did creepy baby finally get a helmet? That's been really bothering me for a long time now. Even our Bud wears a helment and he's stuffed.

MrDaveyGie said...

Lisa, Creepy Baby refuses to wear her helmet, I don't know what I can do about it. I will work on it.

Steph said...

97!!! awesome. Soooo close. I knew you'd hit 100 by the end of the year.

Bike endorphins rock. I used to run before I biked.
I looooove runners high, but realize that bike-high is just as good :)