Wednesday, November 17, 2010


After my daughter's blog comment yesterday

You MUST be tired. I was only mildly entertained tonight. :-)

Now just because she has a degree in Chemical Eng, took college courses in high school, G.P.A. 4.0, played piano, flute, and piccolo, had a full ride at Iowa State, and types 140+ wpm, doesn't mean she should be a SMART Alec, right?

Then my sister Dawn, writes in her blog comment section this to me.

"You should expand beyond biking - you have had interesting experiences in your life -"

Now please ignore the peculiarity that we as a family communicate by blogs, and bear with me in trying to hear what is being said here.

So, OK, it looks like what is being said I should write about something other then bicycling, I guess that is the long and short of it.

So grabbed a few topics out of my brain to expound on and listed some of them here.

1. After a 30 year relationship, and a 25 year marriage destroyed by addictions and then Internet dating and how I met Birgit. This is an interesting story.

2. How my Pitt Bull stopped 5 armed men with guns pulled from entering my house at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. Seriously this happened in 2004.

3. How I survived with ADHD as a hyper never sit still adult when I was put on bed rest for 39 days to repair a fractured vertebra.

4. What I did to get stomped like this picture of me shows when I was 18.

5. What a 270 lb wild Italian man said to me during a card game that caused me to flip the table and him to break my leg which requiring 4 surgeries and 6 months off work. A separate incident then item #4.

6. Bicycling

So I thought about these topics and others and decided for today I am going to talk about item #6 bicycling.

Yes, today's ride rocked, temp stayed at 39 degrees for Metric Dirt Century #95. Surprised saw a couple of other bikers out on the gravel, one going the opposite direction and one passed me by surprise, which made my ego mania step up the pace and follow his tail. See there is he, gotta catch em. So he was holding about 20 mph, so I rode his wheel, until we went our separate ways.

Rode through a couple of small towns, talked a short one with a couple of the locals, always interesting to meet people and listen.

Now being this blog was dedicated to bicycling I made a little bike clip at the start of today's ride.

Ok perhaps I'll write next time on some other subject matter, but today biking was on my brain what can I say.
Later and take time to play.



Cellarrat said...

what no ufo's or i met this celebratory... stories???



lookforward to you expounding on those stories =)

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

WHAT!!? There's more to life than cycling?

Bill G said...

Don't listen to them Dave - Bike is all there is ;)

Wow - that is impressive about your daughter until Iowa State (being a Big 8 representative of CU from back in the day - I am only joking of course!) I would be proud of either of my children being like that and going to be a cyclone!

Good job Dad

Steph said...

Those other blog ideas are good, I wanna know the stories!

I'm excited to hear some snow biking journey stories too.

welshcyclist said...

Hi Davey, Just been catching up on your blog, PC problems have meant I've not been blogging at all myself. Thanks for sharing your rides with us. Cheers.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Talk about a flashback . . . check out that "Rocky" photo. And the hair, the beautiful hair, did you ever imagine? :-)

dawn marie giegerich said...

Your fans await you.

Dan O said...

Now you have to finish the other stories....

Lance Howad Andre said...

yup, i agree, want to hear about 1-5... might have to ride with you at Triple D to those.

Melissa in MN said...

@ Bill -- Hey now, Iowa State gave me a sweet deal to go there to boot! Can't complain about cheap college.