Monday, November 15, 2010

Bicycling yesterday and tomorrow

If I add any more gadgets to my bike I might have to get a pilots license to fly this thing.

Yesterday's ride started out at 30F and ended up at 52. So first jacket zipper came down, then inner liner zipper, then layers were removed to regulate body heat. Is one of the challenges of winter riding, having the right winter wear and choosing what to wear.

Yesterday's ride was just put my head down and grind out the miles it was my 3rd metric in a row and my legs were feeling it. With colder weather and more clothing seems to take more out of ya. I wanted a good workout so for the most part I kept on it. Monitoring my heart rate helps keeps me honest. My legs were totally toasted afterwards.

Hope to do er again tomorrow.

Oh and has anybody seen my sun glasses?

.....and look who came to visit, lil soldier girl Trinity, daughter of Specialist SPC Marco. She's in uniform to maintain peace and safety in the USA while her daddy is in Afghanistan.

Peace and Safety


Ok, ok, Post script: After Melissa's mean and cruel comment below I will add some spectacular sights I observed from across the handlebars on yesterday's ride.


Melissa in MN said...

You MUST be tired. I was only mildly entertained tonight. :-)

dawn marie giegerich said...

She's nasty. :-)

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Tough crowd.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I believe you had more instruments than an airplane. You now need a heads up display!

Bill G said...

Wow that Melissa is tough Dave.

Don't worry Dave we read the blog for the words and wisdom not photos!

Courtney said...

You need a Garmin and a bottle holder for your beer! it's almost winter for heavens sake it's time to drink before, during, and after..... I'm still waiting for a beer holder for carbon wing

Steph said...

You gotta be close to that 100 mark.......

tainterturtles said...

3 metrics, wow Dave....way to go!