Thursday, November 25, 2010


In 1969, it was said that the Baltimore Colts was the greatest football team ever, in the history of mankind. Never was there such a complete and perfect team assembled on the field. Joe Namath's team the Jets had to play them in January 1969 for the World Championships. Most of the football world laughed and said this wasn't even going to be a game, that it would be a slaughter.
Joe Namath 3 days before the game said,"We're gonna win the game. I guarantee it."
Joe Namath as promised, quarterbacked his team to victory that Super Bowl day. Now if Joe would have lost by only one point, the world would have said, great job Joe, you only lost by 1 point. Joe would have never forgot, he failed that day. His goal was to win.

Prior to the 1950s mankind said to run a sub 4 minute mile was not possible. Medical authorities even made statements that the mechanics of the human body running that fast would never happen.

Roger Bannister was a gifted runner back in the 40s. He was expected to win in the 1952 Olympics. He lost. He spent the next two months seriously considering never competing again.

He then made a very big decision. To run a mile under 4 minutes.

On May 6th 1954, Roger ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds. If Roger would have run the mile in 4:00.01 that day, and that would have been his best time ever, and also a world record. The world would have said fantastic, you set the world record, you were only 2/100 of a second from running a sub 4 minute mile. Roger would have never forgotten he failed that day.

In 2007 Mary Metcalf-Collier set out to complete a goal, she entered the "Tour Divide" the toughest mountain bike race in the world from Canada to Mexico. Over 2700 miles, 200,000 feet of climbing, the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest from sea level to the top 7 times, you are allowed no support, you carry all your own gear, if you run out of water you deal with it. No woman has ever finished this race at this time. Mary's goal, to complete this journey. As the race progressed Mary's leg began to swell with fluids, her legs, calves, and ankles looked like bloated hot water bottles. There was no way she could keep going, her legs were shutting down. She said this, I'm gonna pull the plugs, I'm gonna quit, because my legs obviously can not handle this, there is nothing I can do about this, my legs have no fuel, because they can't use proteins, Mary calls it quits.

What Mary didn't know about herself, her mother did know. Her mother said this, "You finish your journey, no matter what time or when, she's gonna finish, whether it gets finished next week or next year."

Mary got back in the race, and became the first woman to finish the Tour Divide.

If Mary would have rode 2600 miles and quit, the world would have said, that was unbelievable no woman has ever went that far in this race. Mary would have never forgotten this was the one she didn't finish the goal she didn't complete.

Early this year, I set myself a goal. My goal was to ride 100 metric centuries on gravel. 100 62 milers off pavement.
Now first let me first say this. I am not comparing my goal to these goal setters.
But it was my goal, it was what challanged me. It was what took my efforts and was my battle. There was nice days, tired days, rain days, snow days, and hot days.
Today I have 99 completed. I have one more left. I will ride my 100th.

Goals are something we all can set. We all have things we would have liked to do, and haven't. Not completeting your goal isn't a failure if you pick yourself back up and start over again. Set a goal, go for it, become who you are in the process.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

...and it just feels good.
I salute you.

tainterturtles said...

I'm clapping for you right now you hear it? Way to go.

Clive Chapman said...

Mate, just awesome!

mrbill said...

Good job Dave, it's been fun!

Dan O said...

Awesome job. What's next?

I think an official, very long race is in your future...