Saturday, November 27, 2010

100 rides

1st Metric Dirt Century of 2010 March 13th 2010

100th Metric Dirt century of 2010 Nov. 27th

So I did say this, back in April 11th. I really didn't do the math, I didn't realize that most of my days off work would need to be spent with butt on saddle. I didn't even have a century in this year until March 13th. I didn't realize at that time, that I would need to ride in thunderstorms, wind, mud, and tiredness. After around 40 Centuries, I began to realize that I need to stay on this to complete 100. There were some weekends that had commitments and I couldn't ride. As important as riding is, I knew it couldn't subtract from family times.

It seems like all 100 rides were the same in some ways, and all incredibly different in many other ways. Most of the rides are a blur in my memory now. The purpose of bicycling is for the moment, and not for the goal. My goal is over now, but tomorrow, I'll go do it again. I'll ride.

Some biker buddies have written me and said thanks for the inspiration. I'm grateful if I was, but you guys and gals are my inspiration, your out there riding, and I get bik'n energy from reading about your rides. So thank you.

Today's ride being a bit celebratory, I found out that not all fluids freeze at 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

My shadow joined me in today's ride.

Another reason out of many, to ride a bike, the sights that you see, I did not see another bicyclist the entire 63 miles.

Thank you for visiting.
Dave Giegerich


tainterturtles said...

High Five Dave!

Gosh dang it, now I feel like a slug-a-bug compared to you! Could you send some of your energy my way?

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Mighty Damn Impressive!

Clive Chapman said...

Top man mate!

welshcyclist said...

Totally gobsmacked by your achievement, and the way you enjoy your life cycling, as you say, "..for the moment.." If the rest of us only get half the pleasure that you have gained out there cycling, we're all still on a massive winner.
Keep cycling.

mrbill said...

A Great Ride Dave, enjoyed it, don't guess I'll accomplish same in this lifetime, maybe the next. Your making me think of goals next year, maybe a few Metrics, no, not a Hundred. Once again, fantastic job, what ever you decide to do, I'm along for the ride.

Bill G said...

Congrats Sir David of Dubuque.

Here is to 200 next year ;)

Travel Gravel said...

Awesome Dave! Now get some more on your new bike, if it ever snows. My brother in law pick up a Mukluk (sp?) on Friday, I know he's doing some hoping and praying.

Dan O said...

Great job. I enjoyed reading the related posts.

What's next?

Courtney said...

Keep riding Dave... way to go

Steph said...

You rock!!

and you are so inspiring :)

Thanks for sharing your saddle stories along your 100 Metric journey.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Wow Dave.

mindful mule said...

Great idea and goal to do 100 100s. Congrats on a super accomplishment. You’re right about riding for the moment but some goals and challenges make it fun too. Even better that it was all out on the gravel tracks where I imagine it’s pretty naturey. Excellent. Ride On!