Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time to go.

From my perspective winter is here. I am starting today's ride at 19 F with a wind chill of 7 F. It means you have to give high consideration on what to wear to continue bicycling. The next challenge that will be added will be what bike and what tires, based on different combinations of ice and snow. Next will be lighting needs.

I know before this long Iowa winter is over with I will say to myself, I can't wait for cold temps to be gone and ice free conditions, and shorts, jersey, socks and shoes only riding. But for now it is a 'new' challenge again that I embrace. I say 'new' challenge because it seems like such a long time ago it was last winter that I had to figure out what combination of socks should I wear, or take my balaclava? what hat, what jacket, shoe covers, handlebar mitts? Or when is it cold enough to pack chemical warmers for emergency don't get frostbit prevention?

So it is 8:12, I have the day off, I am rambling, when I should be riding. Dirt Metric #98 awaits, I shall return.


Steph said...

enjoy the day, and have a great ride!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It was a tad nippy this morn here. Still in double digits, but just barely.
Makes a guy question his sanity.

Bill G said...

Dave - I have been unable to figure everything out temp wise right now. Cannot wait for it to be just cold so I know what to wear!

Safe travels today and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

Clive Chapman said...

One of my rediscovered delights when I returned to pedalling around 18 months ago. Seasons. You get to be up close and personal with them. I love it.

Vive la difference I say!