Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drizzle ride

The drizzly damp cold ride slowly worked it's way into every part of me. It wasn't that it was too cold to bike, it was that I didn't dress right to bike for the weather that was. I didn't pay enough attention to the temps, the rain and the wind.

Gloves and shoes slowly became drizzle soaked and no longer were keeping me warm, toes and fingers went numb. Wind was blowing briskly, most of the trail was soft from rains, dragging my average mph down to around 10 mph a few places I had to walk the trail was so soft..

Thumbs were too numb to shift gears, and hands didn't want to work freely to use the brakes. I tried to ride with my wind breaker pulled over my hands to build some warmth back into my hands.

I needed a Metric Dirt Century today so the only option I had was to keep riding.
All that being said, I enjoyed all of it, to be out bicycling. Some day all this riding will be just a blur in my memory, but a fond memory blur.

More energy was burned cranking on this Dirt Metric, then typical. So recovery is necessary bang out two more tomorrow and Monday, so it's time for hydration brought to you by Amber Bock. Here's my bike packed with super charged nutritional energy supplements.

Now please keep this next picture under your hat. I think I am on to something. After my recent discovery of the Colony of Gnomes, I began to suspect that the know where the location of the Money Tree is. Well now I have proof. Notice the money laying around in this one's habitat. The total disregard indicates that there is a never ending $upply of moola for them. Hence the Money Tree.

Now just one more thing, and then I will shut my trap, I promise. A man was killed here this week, a man in his early 40s. His truck lost control and ran into the ditch. He was working hauling gravel. Such a sad tragedy. Life is a precious gift, take time to live it fully like it might end someday.

Ok, I promised I would shut my trap, so I will,

Over and out,



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I like your choice for high octane fuel.

dawn marie giegerich said...

If you're leaving crumpled $20 bills in trees you will see my Impala following you on the bike trail.

tainterturtles said...

Gnomes bring me good luck, it looks like gnomes bring you money!!! What's up with that?

As I read your post, I felt your cold damp body and fingers. I bet you'll dress warmer tomorrow!

Dan O said...

Little Debbie Brownies - mmm, factory fresh.

Getting cold and chilly around here as well. No money trees however.

Yup - never know when your time is up. Need to make the most of it.