Tuesday, March 22, 2011

UFO and other things.

 Been working, riding my Roadie bike on pavement after work, and working on my two beat up winter bikes a bit each evening.
Was drizzling, windy, and 39 degrees tonight for tonight's ride. But I found the ride very enjoyable. Wet payment on skinnie slick road tires is much more predicable then riding on a snow covered snow mobile trail.
The smoother riding that road riding brings is giving my joints and aches a break. It seems that all the snow riding, all the slide outs, and the different ergonomics that heavier snow bicycling brings was beating me up.

I am working on taking my FatBack snow bike and changing it's riding dynamics to the same as my cycle cross, this is going to take stem modification. salsa woodchipper bars, STI shifting, among other alterations.
But I have much better power transfer and endurance on a Cycle Cross or Road bike frame design then the mountain bike styles. So we shall see.

Spacious cemetaries in my neighborhood offer great rolling hills for road riding. Rarely see a car or a live human for that matter.

Rode out to the edge of town and had to make a quick stop here, to ummm, well use the rest room.


Caught this UFO, hoovering over the city above the Mississippi River bluffs, you can say you heard about this first here, it's going to be in all the grocery store tabloids I suspect.

I hope to get the Cycle Cross out for a full day on Thursday. Will see if the trails are dry enough to ride, if not I'll ride the gravel roads. Should be sporting. 

Hope all is well with you


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I've got to have drop bars on all my bikes. Hands, arms and shoulders can't take the flat bars anymore.

Craig said...

The UFO must have been looking for Creepy Baby. Creepy Baby is crafty though and hid in your blog header. He's a sly one...

Trevor Woodford said...

Creepy baby..Riding in cemetaries and a UFO....what eventful rides you have.LOL


Bill G said...

You are a trip Dave - keep me posted on how the Fatback turns out because the Mukluk is slow and steady no matter what I do!

Steph said...

the motion captured in that cemetary pic is really cool. :)

Dan O said...

That is a cool pic. Is Dave moving, or the cemetery?