Saturday, March 19, 2011

A good day on the bike.

Rode the back paths out of town, and hooked up on Heritage trail, and rode through ice, mud, gravel, and snow. Went off trail and rode some farm pasture along a creek edge. I knew it was going to be a butt breaker when your riding and out and back and you start to feel a bonk before your turn around point.

I was riding the FatBack, the soft 4 inch tires felt like they were being sucked into the soft mud at times, dragging, busting my butt.
Check out this homemade mudflap to prevent mud spray and from looking like this.

Today's ride 50 miles, 6 hours, hard pedaling, was the perfect place to be in. 

 My Surly Bars have not been forgiving on my shoulders, wrists and hands. I am not sure if it is the angle of the hand placement or the wider profile. I do know I can ride the multiple position drop bars on my Cycle Cross 8 hours a day without the arm and hand fatigue.
Tonight I ordered a pair of Sasla WoodChipper bars. They are like a drop bar but the ends are flared outwards. They are used a lot as a drop bar for off road riding.

Tomorrow, I think I'll ride the pavement. Not sure where, but that is part of the fun.



Anonymous said...

Thats a pretty good looking mudflap, can't blame you for making one, that shirt is pretty caked!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I like those wood chipper bars.