Monday, March 28, 2011

Stuff and things.

Spent the weekend up north, near St Paul Mn, visiting the tiny Cole Alexander, my grandson. As always he is such a joy to my soul. Melissa my daughter is in dedicated training to run a marathon in North Dakota or maybe it's South Dakota, I forget, but anyways it is this May 21st. Saturday the day I arrived Melissa and her husband, Brook had both taken turns running before I arrived. Melissa going for 18 miles. To me that is bicycling distance.
Oh note to Tom and Amy the bicycle rocket missiles from that area. Melissa says she often runs in your lake area I showed her your route map, and she says "Oh you mean Hairy Legs.

A short clip of Cole looking for me after I went downstairs.

I have been converting my HardTail over to drop bars. I am going with the Salsa Woodchippers. Seems the ergonomics of the dropbars are much kinder on my old bones. I have to decide between STI brakes/shifters or bar ends shifters. I will dial in the bike riding the rollers in my basement.

Went for a hard ride after work. Seemed my soul needed such. Kept the lungs wide open for an hour and some. Road riding is a rush, so crisp clean and responsive. It can be fun playing in the traffic too.
I ride most my mileage on dirt and gravel, and the road tonight was a refreshment. 
Shhhh, I am in hiding, I tore the tag off my matress.

I see you all later, Dave.


Dan O said...

That drop bar mountain bike conversion looks cool - keep the updates coming.

I've used bar ends and STI, will stick with STI every time - though bar ends work fine and weigh less.

Craig said...

I'm thinking of actually mixing bar ends and STI's on my Surly. I like the STI for the rear derailleur but I'm not too shiny on it for the front. I'll probably switch that side to a bar end shifter.

That, or I'll just put an MTB cassette on it and go with a 1x9.

Bill G said...

Dave O come on and decide so I can decide!!!

Actually I am switching over to an H-Bar with the Paul Thumie's and giving her a whole new drivetrain - SRAM X9

All for next years attempt at Tour Divide wonder!!!

Have a great day Sir and ride on!

MrDaveyGie said...

Mr. Bill G. I have the Scram x-9 deraileur on my HardTail, works well. I did try the H-bar on my HardTail but didn't work well eronomically for me.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Have no idea what you people are talking about. That kid's damn cute and where is the red fox?

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...
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Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I know you were up here to see Cole, but next time bring your road bike. It would be great to show you around.

I've tried bar ends, but found I like shifting from the hoods the best.