Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beautiful Evening for a Ride

After doing my official duty a.k.a. picking up all the dog poop in the back yard, I headed out on my road bike. Beautiful evening for such.
Rode through the rolling hills of the two cemeteries in my neighborhood, headed down and road along the flooding Mississippi River and then up through Dubuque's largest park, Eagle Point Park.
I was surprised to see a large Red Fox run right in front of me, and then followed a parallel path along with me on my ride. I took a bunch of pictures, talked to him, let him know I appreciated the visit, and then he trotted away.

Great view of the flooding Mississippi river from up here

Chatted today with superb bike wrench Joe today, and we got a plan for my Hardtail conversion to a Cross Bike geometry. Pictures will follow.

Hmmm, yanno, I think I really enjoy riding a bicycle. Always have since the first time I was able. As a youth it gave me freedom. I could go where I wanted. Today as an adult, it still gives me freedom, I can go where I want, my thoughts travel where ever they please, as I rotate the pedals.

I gotta scoot, thanks for stopping by,


Craig said...

I'm surprised the fox stuck around long enough to get those pics. That's pretty cool.

Dan O said...

The fox pics are great. Awesome to see on a ride.

Bill G said...

Wow that is awesome about the fox.

Can't wait to see the progress photos - I should do that with mine huh?

Parts arrive this weekend!

MrDaveyGie said...

Yes Billy G pictures are needed, I will probably order parts today.

mrbill said...

Enjoyed the Fox pics, the ones I've seen are too fast for me to photo, have fun Dave

Steph said...

pretty fox... and sunset! :)