Saturday, March 5, 2011

Turning the pedals.

Packed up the Hard Tail with the studs and headed out of town. Rode through some back trails to get out to the snow mobile trails. Check this sink hole out. I put the red warning tape up last year. I need to add some more. I know of at least one rider that went down hard here, in the spring with all the brush it becomes more camouflaged.

There were sections I had to push the bike. The 2.3 Studded tires have zero floatation if the snow gets deep. I thought once I got to where the snow mobiles roam it would be hard packed enough to ride. WRONG!!!
I had to bust butt to keep moving. My tires would punch through the ice crust and would spin out as I moved ahead sometimes down to 3 mph.
I thought I would attach my camera to the rear rack and make a short movie of the rear tire sliding out and spinning. BAD IDEA!!!
The camera popped off and the bungee cord holding the camera rolled around with the tire and yanked  the rear derailleur upwards. Looking the damage over, I didn't know if I could get back and be able to pedal. I had forgotten my multi tool, and there was no cell phone service to dial 1-800 Sag Wagon. I pushed the derailleur down and it popped back into place, however now I was skipping gears. UGGG!!! But I'm moving forward and I'm loving it, just being out here.
Saw this skeletal remains of a Chupacbra. Or something. I just know it has seen it's better days.
The bike was running poorly, I was 15 miles from home now, and my speed wasn't getting to 5 mph on the 'good' parts of the trail.
So I took the next county road outta of here, and wandered back home on gravel roads which road quite well.

 Mud, grit, and ice in my drive train will co$t me again.

What can I say, arrived home, there was 2 hours of daylight left. So I repaired a front flat on the Cycle Cross and rode the paved streets of Dubuque. Rode through cemeteries, parks, and river front. Bike felt zippy after the dragging myself attached to a bike through the trails.

I didn't want to take my light weight road bike out. Not with the 25 cc 120 psi slick tires. A square foot of frost can send you flying followed by a face plant

So for now the 35 CC knobby tires of the CX will be my ride tomorrow too. I will ride places in town. Visit my LBS for a tad, and talk about parts and repairs.
Don't know why I love this. Riding that is. The evening has a different feel to it. Knowing tomorrow, it's Sunday, and I am free to saddle up.

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Bill G said...

You are crazy!!!! Hopefully the repair is inexpensive.

Have a great ride tomorrow

tainterturtles said...

Geez, what a ride today. You are tough as nails Mr. GD! And you arrived home two hours before sundown? Nice.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Tough! Good Job!

Trevor Woodford said...

I hope that the repair co$ts are not too high...


Dan O said...

Cool pic of the sink hole. Who doesn't love a good sink hole?... I wouldn't want to ride off that in the dark.

Camera taking our the rear derailluer. That's one for the record books.

I always enjoy your posts....