Thursday, March 3, 2011


I wanted an hour and half of daylight to ride the roads after work. Rushed the pace to get on the bike after work and got a great ride in, I did. My road bike is still waiting on a front  wheel, and a new chain. I rode my Cycle Cross about town, road riding is a zippery style, pace is faster, maneuvering in automobile traffic can be a bit sporting at times, but it is a great ride.
Looking forward to getting my lighter road bike back on the road.
This weekend looks promising, not sure of what and where I'll ride, but ride I will.

Spent the remainder of the evening tweaking, and tuning on my CX bike. Joe from my LBS locakbikeshop offered to come up and see why I can only get 9 gear shifts on 10 speed rear derailleur, I said let me try and get it, before I gotta get a home visit. Good man, that Joe.

Last Friday news paper reporter phoned me and asked me for commentary about my friend and winter biking extraordinaire Lance Andre.

Lance just finished 8th at the Iditatrod 350 miles of snow bicycling in Alaska.

Piera Damonte has passed through the 4th check point at 160 miles competing in Iditarod. She is somewhere out there in the Alaska wilderness pedaling. I got to ride a bit with Piera earlier this year, it was her first ride on her Pugsly Fat Tire. She had congratulated on my 100 dirt metrics last year. So small in comparsion to riding in the Iditarod. She is an endurance machine. Keep pedaling Piera,

I think I stayed up past my bedtime, gottta go, making us stop and sleep wasn't my idea, God did this to us to make us slow down, stop, and rest. I suppose it is a good idea, but if I could do without I would.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

While you're sleeping, if you dream about bikes, it counts towards your mile age totals.

dawn marie giegerich said...
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Steph said...

extra hour of daylight next week- woooohoo! :)