Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Earls' Maiden Voyage.

My Big Earls Mountain  Bike Tires were virgins until today. These Bike tires were purchased over a year ago. I put them away to ride with Nokian Studs, and Big Earls became very lonely. The other night I put them on my Trek Hard Tail, they were quite happy and anxious to please.  I had to trim back the outside knobs on the rear tire to keep from dragging on the bike frame.

Today's journey would not be safe for babies, I had to tell Creepy Baby, NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. and then pry her away from Big Earl
I wandered into this small creek bed, it was a hard rocky bottom and rode easily, as long as I kept the bike upright, and my feet dry.

Then around this cliff, this gets totally over grown in the spring, and can only be ridden after winter snow leaves and before spring green shows up.

If I was a pound fatter this bridge might have collapsed on me. My path then took me to this private retired Catholic Nun farm. I ride here once in a while and I always get friendly hello's from the old gals so I reckon it is OK to tread on this ground.

It was wonderful to see beautiful sky blue today like this. My pictures don't show this but there was some places in the valleys that the snow was too deep to ride. I am hoping for more melt tomorrow with temp of 50 degrees fore casted. 

BiG EarLs did not disappointment me today. I will ride them again this weekend to some new places, to some old places. 

Some people can not understand why I try to arrange most of my free time for bicycling. I saw no other bicyclers today.  I can't understand why I don't have to wait in line to ride places like I did today.

and now home sweet home, time to kick back.. 
laTA, DAve.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, take the baby for a ride! You could bungee cord her to the handlebars.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, no snow? I'd be excited to ride too. Nice pics Dave.

Poor creepy baby. She has that I just want to ride along, please!

Craig said...

There needs to be a Creepy Baby T-shirt...

dawn marie giegerich said...

Yes, I would wear the t-shirt!

MrDaveyGie said...

I've made a decision. Creepy Baby and I are doing RAGBRAI together.

Stay tuned for Creepy Baby does RAGBRAI T-Shirts

Dan O said...

Big Earls, Creepy Baby, and retired nuns.

This post has it all !!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

What Dan O said.


Trevor Woodford said...

That' some 'creepy baby' you have there...I would where the T-Shirt with pride..!
Always great when you are the only one out on the trails...


Joboo said...

Damn man, we still have a good 3-4' of snow on the ground. We won't see the 50's til June!! ;))
You gotta love not seeing another cyclist, well...... I do anyway...... wait, does that make me weird?? Lol
I love the areas that spring gives us, that summer takes away, then again I ride my Pugs year round, so I just play monster truck on the young saplings, and tall weed like grasses come time!!!
Oh yeah, I'll take 2 of them there T-shirts!!!


Bill G said...

I cannot believe your snowmelt and sunshine. We are rainy and cloudy!!!

I hit California and Colorado next week and am praying for sunshine to break me out of my IBWS Funk (Irritable Buffalo Weather Syndrome)