Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vacation Day

Took a vacation day. Headed out on my Cycle Cross bicycle with a bunch of new parts. New front tire, new rear wheel, ring gear, free hub, derailleur, chain, cassette, bar wraps, pedals, brake hoods, brake pads, cables, cable housings, and other stuff. It was 26 degrees out, I forgot the exactness I had for dressing just right based on the temperature out. The warmer weather we have had, made me forget what I should be wearing at 26 degrees.
So with two light layers of wool under a light wind breaker was giving me the chills with the winds. I decided to keep moving and let the exertion, and sun to get me warmed up.

The gravel roads were soft and sticky in a lot of areas. Was like riding through 2" of peanut butter, dragging my tires.

Was going to cut through this drainage ditch. Then I saw 'him' a Troll, a rare sighting. I turned around and took an alternative route. They can be dangerous. 

My rear tire started flatting on me. Saint. Green Slime took care of the leak, and with a refill of air I was back on my way. All and all I rode 25 miles out, and turned around and retraced my steps back for a 50 mile ride on the gravel and dirt trails. Legs are good and tired, a lot of soft spots had me standing up on the pedals to plow through.

Was a good day.



dawn marie giegerich said...

Okay, that's a scary troll guy.
Not the garden type variety.

LoRFLoR said...

Oh my, dear Dave. Your new pic for the blog header made me LAUGH! Kinda creepy, dontchathink? I saw a freaky baby somewhere and almost bought it to mail to you or something. Next time I shall not pass by.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Way to grind through the PB!

Clive Chapman said...

That's a European Troll mate. What's he doing there? Did you ask him? I'm wondering if there'll be a North American Troll guarding a bridge here in good old Blighty? Might be a Troll job swap...

Bill G said...

Nice riding Sir.

it is funny how the temps just are irrelevant after this long winter. I rode to work and a co-worker goes it is 14 out. I said no it can't be - didn't feel cold on the bike.

All in the gear - that is what I tell my wife ;)

Anonymous said...

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