Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Riding more road.

Riding around town Sunday literally rode my bike into my LBS. Here is Joe doing a quick de-tune of my miss-tune. They take great care of my bike neglect, and part replacement and great advice. Around 35 years ago I bought a French Road bike here, and bunches more followed.

My congested basement. I've been working on these 4 ladies. These are my main rides. From biggest to smallest they are FatTire, HardTail, Cycle Cross, and Road Bike.

Road a pushed pace on pavement tonight for 75 minutes, plenty of hills in this town to make it fun. Lights front and rear were needed to finish. I guy in a pick up truck actually turned around and pulled up next to me to comment on how bright my head light was. Go MajicShine. Picture of Eagle Point Park, which is closed for the season. I had her all to myself except for several sightings of deer running around.

Thinking I will take this Thursday off work, and try the Hard Tail with 2.5 Big Earl tires and see if the trails are dry and drained enough to get some miles in. Been spending a lot of time on the saddle this winter but the MPH has been slow.
The loneliest girl in town is my Roller Bike, with the FatTire buy this winter I could ride outside in the snow pretty much when I wanted to and for the first time in a long long time I never rode the rollers this winter at all. Money well spent.

So no fella in da cella this winter.

Time for night night. C'ya,


tainterturtles said...

I think your fat tire bike was a good investment. I'd rather ride outside than in the basement! Good for you Davie G.

Bill G said...

Yes I have rollers sitting in my basement that I used one time and that was only because I wanted to!

Needless to say they are being donated to a fellow in Colorado over spring break for his use since I no longer need them!

Trevor Woodford said...

'Better out than in' as they say..!!

The fat tire bike was obviously a first class buy....


dawn marie giegerich said...

Need to check out the big park. Like the idea of only deer and me . . .