Saturday, March 12, 2011

Riding my day away.

A good day on a bike. Decided to take "Thy Fatness" my gargantuan 4 inch tire FatBack bike out for some country sight seeing.

Wandered out of town, down city streets, enjoying the ride. Hooked up on a singletrack, that had not seen much sun or bikes most the winter. The snow was hard and crunchy and I could ride on top of it for the most part. It was a rough ride, there were frozen chunks, and frozen foot prints and holes. I had to stay off the seat and on my toes to keep the bike upright.

The treacherous, got 10 fold worse after I reached the county trails. GLARE ICE!!!

I tried to ride the outside edge to keep from sliding out. FatTires are great for snow, but have nothing to offer on ice. There were some patches of glare ice I rolled across just holding my breath. This kept me totally focused trying to find the just right spot to ride. After about two miles I thought this is crazy, I am going to bounce down hard on this ice and spend the summer healing broken bones sitting on the front porch swing eating Twinkies.

I turned around, and started headed back. I didn't like that feeling and thought I don't have a good enough reason to quit. Turned around again, and tried to keep moving forward without going down.

Another mile or two and the glare ice turned to crusty snow, and gravel patches, I could ride without the 'crash factor' YAHOO!!!

Rode out to the base of Sundown Ski Resort. I ate a snack and watched the skiers ski down the only slope still open after all the sun melt. The season is over for em. I'm glad my passion is 4 seasons doable.
I noticed lotz of empty beer cans laying around in the woods. This is a favorite stopping point for snow mobiles. I thought one word. "PIGS!!!" I can't comprehend the mentality that would leave a mess like this. I hope they're young and changing, and not adults, because then this behavior is not going to be changing.
Rode 5 hours, some on sticky peanut butter like trail, some ice, some snow, some hard single track. Was great. Saw only one other person out here today, a lady walking with 2 large German Sheppard part Husky dogs. They both started running towards me from about 50 feet. I got off the bike and kept my bike between me and them. No bark, no growl, they were just curious, but with huge heads and canines, I was glad when the lady called them back and had them sit.
As we passed each other she mentioned how dangerous this is out here for someone like me on a bicycle, and all the ice. I said, "I have to agree with you" and kept on.

I'm now whooped and my knees and shoulders are a bit beat up after bouncing through a lot of choppy ice ruts, and the being  tense fatigue that riding on slick ice can bring.

But like a moth drawn to a flame, I hope to be back tomorrow.



tainterturtles said...

Between you and Harry Legge's, you guys are tough. Good ride today.

Anonymous said...

I like your new opening photo with that evil looking little baby bungee-tied to your bike! Its too cute to leave at home... :)

dawn marie giegerich said...

Didn't realize there was still so much ice out there. The city is pretty well thawed out.

Dan O said...

I didn't think "Iowa" and "Ski Resort" would ever be in the same sentence. I'm gonna have to Google that place for some pics.

The loose dogs scare me more then glare ice...

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's nice to see the change of season coming, and like you said, we're lucky to be able to do this pretty much year 'round.

Melissa in MN said...

I know what you mean about the focus and fatigue that comes from traveling on ice. I ran my 16 miles yesterday along Minnehaha, on ice lightly covered with snow. Muscles that I didn't even know I had hurt today! We couldn't even look around much at the scenery because we were watching the ever changing terrain!