Friday, March 25, 2011

Let it ride.

GOOD GRIEF!!! Knees were stiff and sore today, must have been the cold weather ride yesterday with all the hard pedal through the trail muck. Felt comatose exhausted when I got home from work tonight almost called the mortuary and told them to get the embalming fluid ready, we got a warm one going cold.
So was thinking maybe take tonight off and not ride. The problem with that is I am out of town Saturday and Sunday to visit a man named Cole, a.k.a. my grandson, and will not be riding.
So I debated with the voices in my head, yes, no, yes, no, go, don't go, and fell asleep sitting on the couch.
30 minutes later I wake up with the unfinished piece of pumpkin bread still in my hand, and Judge Judy reaming somebody out on TV.
Said to myself, ya gotta go man. Saw the temp was 36 degrees on and put on 36 degrees bicycling apparel and hit the road on my roadie bike.
It never ceases to amaze me, often when you think you have nothing in the gas tank, and you start pedaling, pushing yourself, and finding out that feels good, and push yourself harder, and you find yourself flying, cranking, loving it.
I climbed a long hill, and started the descent, it was winding curves on the way down, I saw 34 mph on the cycling computer, and feathered the brakes a little bit, thinking I need to make all these sweeping bends. Then my next thought was this bike will hold these corners, get off the brakes, and my adrenalin and speed picked up. I thought to myself I almost stayed on the couch and missed this.

Dubuque's largest park, Eagle Point Park, I had all to myself tonight.

Almost back home, running out of daylight, and packing no night lights.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's a rush.

Anonymous said...

Its always dangerous when you head for the couch after coming home from work. I have the same inertia problem, but don't think I am as successful as you in overcoming it. I need to remember how good you feel after getting up and moving around!

Dan O said...

I've been on a few zillion rides over the years - some after dragging yourself out of warm bed or comfy couch - you're always glad you did.

I can't think of one ride where I thought I should have skipped it.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Great read. Wasn't going to do the hike, sore hip, wind kind of stiff, but you inspired me. Enjoy that youngster.

Clive Chapman said...

Do you know the bloke above Davey? He rides a fat bike. He mentioned Duluth in his last post, that's by you isn't it? Or did I dream that?

MrDaveyGie said...

Thanks Clive that is a great sight. Duluth is about 8 hours from me. A neat area.