Monday, May 10, 2010

Wabbits, Friends, and Creepy Baby

A bunch of Wabbits, in the neighborhood.

A couple of my bike riding buddies. Never leave town without them. Who is that baby on the left side of the picture?

Oh it's LiL Creepy Baby

Hmmmm, I didn't ride today. Worked in the yard after work, gave my legs a break. They were feeling toasty from all my pseudo racing yesterday.
Well I hope it is not a rain storm after work tomorrow. It's against the law to miss two days of biking in a row, unless, injuries, family or work requirements force it, and I am not planning on any of those to be the case.
Yeee gads, Josh is in the kitchen baking a cake. Well, I'll have to check this out.
Hope all is well in your world.


tainterturtles said...

Rabbits, creepy babies....I think you do need a little rest Mr. D

I'm sure you'll be back on the bike in no time. Enjoy the rest.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

In the old days it was just vaseline between you and a chamois. And it wasn't a faux chamois either. All the jerseys were 100% wool too.

I don't know, you think it's better now? The bikes are definitely faster.

MrDaveyGie said...

T.T. LoL
Yes, I definately like the bikes better. I had a Trek from the 2nd year they were in production. I wished I would have kept it. I use wool underlayers until it is too warm.

Steph said...

always an adventure!

Steph said...

hahaha the creepy baby makes me laugh, I have a friend who rides with a creepy baby packed into his bags... there's a long story that goes along with it. But we named the baby Chou-Chou. She goes on all our bike partying rides. She's in many pics.

mrbill said...

I'm glad yu took a day off. How about a "Count the Baby Bunnies" contest, maybe a new Orbea for the wining guess, I'm guessing 10, I'll send you my address so you can send me my new bike, thanks Dave.

MrDaveyGie said...

Nope Bill your count is too low.