Sunday, May 9, 2010


Cold starting out this morning. A lot of frost. The big difference between yesterday and today was today warmed up fast. With in 12 miles I had removed full fingered gloves, wind breaker, and head liner.

I was minding my own business, pedaling down a gravel bike trail at about 15 mph, actually dog'n it a bit getting lazy, and not paying attention to anything, and I got passed. So I picked up the pace to stay close. Sizing up the guy who just passed me, large muscular fellow, maybe late 40s, pedaling hard. Now he realizes I picked up the speed and he stands up and pedals harder. So after about 5 miles of this, I figure he is going to wear down he's about at least 50 lbs heavier then me, muscular but not built for biking endurance. We started up a long hill and with his extra bulk he started slowing down. So I pass him, and of course when you pass somebody in a "secret race" you got to keep going faster so you disappear from your opponent. So I picked it up and slowly disappeared from his horizon. I was maxed out, it felt good.
Then I pass by a couple stopped on the trail, adjusting something on his bike. They had on the full spandex, camel backs, etc. looking like they have done this before, so looking in my rear view mirror I could see here they come right on my tail. Oh No!! So now I have to push it again. So I ride as fast as I can and they keep coming, the harder I go, the harder they go. At some point I do not see them anymore, I do not know if I just widened the gap, or they stopped or whatever. Well no more secret races for the day. However the "competition" gave me a heck of a good work out. Man and his ego. Pedaled 65 miles today on dirt and gravel.
Enjoyed the day, knee behaved well enough, two dirt centuries this weekend, Went up and hung out with mama for a bit, fixed a light for my dad, so now I chill


tainterturtles said...

I think it's a man thing....Bike man does the same thing and I just shake my head!

Bravo for all your miles this weekend.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's a good thing you're not competitive.
Oh, and I'd never do that, and it's not just a "man thing".

Bill G said...

Guilty - Dave you have to do it on a Single Speed and ask them as you ride by if your derailleurs look right? Oh yeah - that is right I don't have them - LOL

Anonymous said...

Man, those "secret races" are worse than a dog chase! Glad I never participate! ;)

MrDaveyGie said...

You guys are tooooo funny.
TT. Bravo to bike man.
HL I suspect, you, Amy, and all the others are well trained due to all the "secret races" going on.
Bill G. Now that is funny.
Gnarlee. My highest Heart Rates are when the big dog chases me. Makes a "Cav" sprinter out of me.